How can I withdraw funds from my Sorare wallet?

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You can find a tutorial on how to withdraw ETH from Sorare from our community member SorareGuide. Here are the key steps you need to know so that you can withdraw your funds from Sorare: 


➡️  Go to your wallet


➡️  Select Withdraw To


➡️  Add the address of your Ethereum wallet. Please choose the amount you wish to withdraw from your wallet and press "submit".


➡️  Confirm your withdrawal via email 


You will receive an email explaining the fee associated with the withdrawal. This fee is not a Sorare fee but a fee to pay the transaction costs associated with the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare makes no money from this and subsidizes part of the transaction.

NB: When a withdrawal is attempted, you cannot use the balance in Sorare anymore until you complete any kind of withdrawal. This is why you see a different balance on the top right than when you head to the withdrawal tab on your wallet.


WARNING : We are not supporting withdrawing to a Smart Contract. We are working on the feature and it might come in a near future, meanwhile, if you encounter this type of error, please withdraw your funds to another wallet if possible.


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