How long does it take for my Card or ETH to arrive after I have bought or sold a card?

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While we are normally able to guarantee quick transactions with a maximum wait of 24 hours, delays associated with card and ETH transfers can sometimes happen (max 48-72 hours).


Why would this happen?


Gas fees are payments made to cover the cost of the computing energy required to process and complete transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. When there is a surge in demand for Ethereum-based projects, there is a significant increase in Gas fees.


Sorare has always covered these fees to allow our Managers to trade and build their galleries freely. We’re really happy to be able to do this, but in unexpected peak times, we can experience issues that affect your Sorare experience.


If you experience issues to receive ETH or cards, check our “Official Support” Discord channel, twitter account, and game notifications. We always communicate those issues to managers when they happen like in the example below.


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