How do I compose a Sorare: Football team?

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How do I compose a team?

To compose a team for Sorare: Football, you will need 5 Cards to fill all the 5 slots:

- 1 Goalkeeper

- At least 1 Defender

- At least 1 Midfielder

- At least 1 Forward

- 1 Extra outfield player


You cannot use the same player twice and you can select one team captain (who gets an additional bonus of 20%). All cards can be selected as captains, except the common cards.

Follow those steps to compose your team: 


➡️ 1. Add your players one after the other at the relevant position. 

Note: The position into the golden brackets is the one you need to fill with the players on the left.



➡️ 2. Add a captain to your team



➡️ 3. Once your team is done, click on confirm to submit your team for the Game Week.


Your team is automatically saved and entered into the League and Division selected! 

Good luck manager!

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