When are Competitions open?

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Here are the four key tournament rules you need to know so that you can plan ahead for the busy football calendar:

  1. We open a Geographic Region (e.g. Europe) if there is at least 1 licensed club that is playing from that region 
  2. We open an All Star competition when there are two Geographic Region-specific competitions that are open, or if there are international games (e.g. Europe and America)
  3. If only one regional is open and there are no international games — All Star is closed
  4. U23 and Global Unique are open when All Star is open.

There could be exceptions to this if a certain Game Week asks for it.

If you want to check if a league is open, here is how:


➡️ 1. From the main page, click on “PLAY”



➡️ 2. On the play page, click on the league you want to compete in. If the league is open, you will be able to click on the “REGISTER” button



Then it’s up to you to submit a team, good luck manager 😀

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