When are competitions opened on Sorare Football?

To initiate a football-specific competition, at least 10 licensed teams must participate for the competition to be officially opened. This rule ensures sufficient engagement and competitiveness within the league for the competition.

For Champions, Challengers, and Contender competitions to open, the licensed teams need to be participating in a league fixture for those competitions to open.

U23 opens when any other core competition opens.

Please note that during our transition phase and until August 2024, All-Star and Capped competition will always be open as it is the case today.

There could be exceptions to this, depending on the situation.

Important: If a competition is opened by mistake, and there are not enough licensed teams playing during this Game Week, the competition may be closed in accordance with our rules and Sorare will not offer compensation (e.g. if Managers purchase cards specifically for that Game Week and that competition).

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