How do I invite a friend with my referral link?

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The referral program is here to reward the managers who actively promote Sorare around them. 


Indeed, inviting friends on Sorare is a good way to make your game more fun and get rewards! If your friend starts collecting on Sorare and buys 5 cards or more on the New Card Auctions market (New Cards on auction) within 150 days of opening his or her account, you both will receive a free Limited card bonus. 


Please note that you’ll both need to have a verified account on Sorare (phone and email verified).


To invite your friends through the referral program, follow these steps:


➡️  1. Drag on the “My club” tab on the banner of the page. Click on the “Invite friends” button


➡️  1 bis. The “Invite friend” button can also be found at the bottom of the page (in the footer)



➡️  2. On the “Invite friend” page, you can either type your friends’ email addresses and send them an invitation or you can copy and paste your link in our favorite whatsapp group, on facebook, on instagram, etc.


Please make sure your friends sign-up for a Sorare account through your own invitation link. This is how we can give you both your rewards!


Now, you know what to do, be a team player and invite your friends 😀!


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