What rewards or prizes can I win in Sorare Football?

To win rewards in Sorare Football, you need to place highly on the leaderboard. Read more about Sorare scoring.

Different divisions of Sorare competitions offer different rewards.

There are three (3) types of rewards. 

  • Sorare cards
  • ETH or Cash
  • Special items like signed football jerseys, Sorare merch, or once-in-a-lifetime in-person experience

Sorare rewards are announced and updated regularly. The amount of available rewards fluctuates and depends on the number of real-life football games scheduled for that particular Game Week. The more licensed professional players (i.e. real-life football players whose games are scored by Sorare) who play that week, the more rewards there will be.

You have to have a Sorare account and be logged in to see the prize pools, but you can check out the current prize pools by going onto the Play tab.

If you choose a specific competition, click on the circle dot or number under Rewards, and click on a specific Tier on the right, you can learn more about the specific rewards available. 



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