What are the card requirements to play in different Sorare Football competitions?

Sorare Football competitions have progressive eligibility, which means that they require a minimum number of specific card scarcities to participate - e.g. to play in Super Rare competitions, you need a minimum of 3 Super Rare cards, and the other two cards can be Unique or Rare.

Here is what you will need to be able to take part in each division: 

  Limited Rare Rare Pro Super Rare Unique
At Least 5 Limiteds 5 Rares 3 Rares 3 Super Rares 3 Uniques
Fillable With Limited Rare Super Rare

1 Unique

1 Rare

Super Rare
Captain Limited Rare Rare Super Rare Unique

If you want to navigate between leagues and divisions, here is how:

➡️ 1. From the main page, click on “Play” and "Pro"

➡️ 2. On the Pro page, you will have access to all the open leagues. You can sort leagues using the "All scarcities" tab (Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Unique, and Mix). 

➡️ 3. For instance, when you choose the Rare scarcity, you can enter a team for this league in All Star. 

card requirements.gif

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