What is a Sorare card?

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A Sorare Card is an officially licensed digital collectible of a footballer for a particular football season.

Thanks to blockchain technology, fans can collect their favourite players with the benefits of provable scarcity (fixed supply). On top of that, Sorare Cards are freely tradeable and usable in an open world of different applications and games. Each collectible enjoys many of the attributes of other blockchain-assets: it cannot be copied or taken away from you. Users also enjoy access to the complete digital history of the card. For the 2021-22 season, 4 levels of scarcity exist for each Sorare Card: Unique (1 copy), Super Rare (10 copies), Rare (100 copies) and Limited (1000 copies)

Here is what you can experience with your cards!

True Ownership
Your cards are blockchain digital NFTS with proven scarcity. Blockchain technology gives your digital cards super-powers.

For the first time we have a technology where your collectibles are digitally unique. This has unlocked collecting in the digital space.


With this technology comes true ownership. You don’t own game items you buy in traditional digital games today. When the game ends, you lose everything. With Sorare, these cards are yours forever. You can trade and sell these cards freely in our open marketplace or display them proudly to your friends and family. Just like a physical good, except without the worries of shipping costs.

What also makes Sorare unique is that our digitable collectibles have a utility! Every week you can take part in our global fantasy football tournaments. Scout, trade, build your squads and compete against Managers worldwide to earn digital and physical prizes.

Did we say that these cards have super-powers? On top of being usable in the Sorare fantasy football game, you can use your cards in a variety of other games built by gaming giants like Ubisoft or up and coming game designers that are also members of our community.  

So what does all this mean?
Your Sorare cards bring unique real-world and digital football experiences. We’re building a platform to transform online football fandom. Where football fans, footballers and clubs can connect through our one true calling, the beautiful game!

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