How do I create my first team?

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When you sign-in to Sorare for the first time, you will receive common card packs as you complete each step in our onboarding process. 


To use your cards and build your first team, you need to enter a league and submit your team. To do so, follow these steps:


➡️  1. From the main page, click on “Play”



➡️  2. On the play page, you will have access to all the open leagues. Based on your cards, you can access leagues, learn more here. When you’ve just joined, you can access the Common Casual League. Click on the "Register" button next to Common Casual League.



➡️  3. Add your players one after the other at the relevant position. 

Note: The position in the golden brackets is the one you need to fill with the players on the left.



➡️ 4. Add a captain to your team



➡️  5. Once your team is done, click on confirm to submit your team for the Game Week.


And…. Good luck 😀

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