How do I create my first team?

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When you sign-in to Sorare for the first time, you will select eight (8) players from the league of your choice. 


To use your cards and build your first team, you need to enter a league, draft your players, and then submit your team. To do so, follow these steps:


➡️  1. From the main page, click on “Play”



➡️  2. On the play page, you will have access to all the open leagues. When you join, you can access the League-Specific Amateur Competition. Click on the "Draft" button next to a league-specific competition.



➡️  3. You will draft and select eight (8) players in the league with a budget of 400. You cannot have more than two (2) players from the same team in your draft. 



➡️  4. After choosing your eight (8) players, click on Confirm Draft. 



➡️  5. Compose your lineup and add your players one after the other at the relevant position. 

Note: The position highlighted in blue is the one you need to fill with the players on the left.



➡️ 6. Add a captain to your team



➡️  7. Once your team is done, click on confirm to submit your team for the Game Week.


And…. Good luck 😀

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