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What happens if a player has been transferred to another club before his card has been revealed? 

If a player is transferred to a club that is available on Sorare, the reveal will happen with the player’s current club, meaning that the club logo displayed on the Early Access card may differ from the logo displayed on the Card reveal.

If a player is transferred to a club that is not available on Sorare, the card may never be revealed and stay in its Early Access form forever. However, the card can be used for competitions that are covered. 

If a player is transferred to a League not covered on Sorare, the card will not be usable in the Sorare competitions outside potential international breaks. 


What happens if Sorare doesn’t have the official photos of my player before the reveal? 

Sorare is working closely with his partners to get all the pictures needed for the reveal of the Early Access cards. If the photos are not available before the reveal, you’ll be able to reveal your card later as soon as we’ve received the photos from the club.

We will also pause selling and rewarding players who do not have their latest club photos. 


Are the Early Access Cards usable on Rivals? 

Yes, your Early Access Cards have the same utility as your current cards, which means you can play them in Pro and also in Rivals. 


When will the reveal of the cards happen?

All Early Access Cards will be revealed in September. If we are delayed with certain clubs due to delays in receiving the media day photos of players, we will update our community. 


Can I reveal my cards even after the Reveal period?

Yes! Starting in September, you'll be able to reveal your card. You can do this even after the Reveal period.  


Can I sell my Early Access Card before the reveal? 

Of course! You’re the owner of your card, you can play it in our competitions or choose to sell and trade it on the marketplace.


Can I win Early Access Cards through Classic competitions?

Early Access Cards will be part of the prize pool for Classic competitions until the reveal in September. 


Can I never reveal my card if I want to? 

Totally! You can keep your card unrevealed and use it as long as you want.


Will you be selling Special Edition cards in the future? 

The Early Access Special Edition designs will only be available in Early Access Cards.


Is Sorare doing blind packs? 

No, Early Access Cards are not blind packs.


Can I craft Early Access cards using Essence in the Sorare Factory?

Yes, you'll be able to craft Early Access cards in the Sorare Factory. 


Will the Serial #1 and the Jersey mints cards be available as Early Access? 

Serial #1 cards and Jersey mints won't be part of the Early Access period. They will be sold after the card reveal in September.

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