What are Early Access cards and how to acquire them?

Starting this summer, you can build your team with Early Access cards of your favorite players. Early Access cards are created to give managers the opportunity to compete right from the start of the season, ensuring you can be competitive from the very beginning. Your Early Access card has a special pack design until the official card design is revealed in a special ceremony in September. 


Early Access cards will be available on the marketplace (via auctions, Instant Buys, and Manager Sales) just like any other card. As soon as you acquire a card, you’re ready to enter it into a lineup and compete in the leaderboards. Early Access cards can also be won as card rewards, found in Reward Boxes, and crafted by using Essence. Early Access cards will contribute to the collection score just like all Pro cards. 


Please note that the #1 Edition won’t be available as an Early Access Card for Limited, Rare, and Super Rare. Furthermore, the #Jersey Edition won’t be available (depending on the information provided by the clubs) as an Early Access Card.


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