How do I enter a team to compete in a Rivals League?

In Rivals Leagues, you play one match at a time instead of a whole matchday.


  • Choose your match in the matches tab, then select your players
  • You have to pick just 5 players: A goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a forward, and a 5th player who can be in any outfield position (DEF, MID, or FWD)
  • For each match, you have a budget indicated at the bottom of the screen. The cost of a player is based on their Average Score in their last 15 games with their National Team (more on scoring in the Scoring section)
  • You will then select a team captain, who will receive a 20% points bonus
  • Last, you select your team’s tactic, a way to earn additional fantasy points by understanding your team’s unique strengths
  • Wait for the match to begin

After the match ends, you’re no longer stuck with those players. Every match has its own team selection.

To compete against your friends in your Rivals League, you need to submit a lineup for at least one game per day in order to have a Daily Score.

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