What are Tactics? How can they help me increase my score?

Once you’re happy with your lineup, it’s time to select your tactics. This sets the Managers apart from the first-team coaches. Each tactic tracks a different collective stat for your full lineup. If you hit the tactic threshold, your full lineup receives a bonus player score.


For now you can choose among 5 available tactics:

Tiki Taka - Accurate Pass
Joga Bonito - Won Contest
All out Attack - Shot on Goal
Park the bus - Effective Clearance
Gegenpressing - Duel Won


For example, Tiki Taka will track the accurate passes of your 5-player lineup for the game. If they complete over 220 passes in a game, you’ll get a whopping bonus of 40 points. That’s a tactical masterclass pat on the back for you and well-earned bragging rights.

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