What is my Daily Score? What individual Daily Rewards can I win?

To compete against your friends in your Rivals League, you need to submit a lineup for at least one game per day in order to have a Daily Score.

Your best score of the day, out of all the matches you played that day, is your Daily Score.



  • The Daily Score is the only one that counts in the League leaderboard.
  • Every day, your Daily Score gets added to your previous Daily Scores. 
  • Everyone in your League gets ranked based on the sum of their Daily Scores.

Daily individual rewards: each day, the Manager of each Rivals League with the highest Daily Score is eligible to win a Rivals Reward Box. Managers can win a maximum of one (1) Rivals Reward Box per day, even if they joined and ranked in the top place of several Rivals Leagues.


Please note that to be eligible for Daily Individual Rewards, your Rivals League must have a minimum of 5 Managers.

Rivals Reward Boxes may contain: 

  • Gameplay items useful in other Sorare game modes.
  • Arena Tickets: Used to play Sorare Rivals.
  • Mystery Jersey: Physical jersey from one of our 300 partner clubs, shipped to your home address!
  • Limited Sorare Card: Digital collectible can be played in Sorare Rivals or Sorare Pro (where there are cash rewards). It can also be sold for cash on the Market.
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