How can I bid on an Auction from my iOS device?

The Sorare Market is a place where you can purchase cards for competitions and collections. You’ll find these sections in the “Market” tab on Sorare

You can purchase new cards via the Primary Market or Sorare auction and it's now possible to bid on a card directly from the Sorare iOS app for Sorare Football and Sorare NBA. Please note, this will be available for Sorare MLB when the new season starts. 

Here's how:

➡️Open the app, go to the marketplace, and select the 'Auctions' Tab.

➡️You can browse through all ongoing Auctions, customize filters for your scouting purposes, and opt to be notified about auctions of interest.

➡️Then, you will receive different push notification reminders 30 mins, 5 mins, and 1 min before the auction ends

➡️Tapping the notification will open a page allowing you to bid on the card!

Happy scouting. 


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