Starknet Provisions: Eligibility & How to Claim

Starknet Provisions: A surprise gift for Sorare Managers from the 2021-22 season 

On July 26th 2021, we successfully launched our scaling solution on Ethereum with Starkware. To celebrate our successful collaboration, the StarkNet Foundation is offering up to 111 in STRK tokens to Managers who were part of our community in the 2021-22 season. 

A bit of Sorare History: What is Starknet and Starkware?

Managers* that were part of the Sorare community before July 2021 will remember unpredictable and delayed transitions for Sorare cards. This included reward delays, and lengthy waiting periods for card trades between Managers. The solution (a first of its kind) removed this friction by delivering instantaneous transitions to the Sorare ecosystem. Most importantly, the new technology infrastructure allowed us to scale our marketplace and launch Limited cards.

Am I eligible to claim this gift?

This morning, the StarkNet Foundation announced details of the StarkNet Provisions program. The program offers Sorare Managers up to 111.1 of new STRK tokens who completed at least 8 transactions on the Sorare marketplace between July 26th 2021 and June 1st 2022.

Please check your eligibility by going on (steps to follow are provided below). Make sure you follow the correct URL. 

Read on to learn about the tokens and how to claim them. 

What are STRK tokens?
STRKs are tokens for the Starknet ecosystem. Imagine Starknet as a special layer (like a new floor in a building) added on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Starknet makes everything run faster and more efficiently, thanks to a smart solution that helps handle more information in a cost-effective and efficient way, 

Now, within this Starknet layer, there are special tokens called STRKs. They are like special coins within Starknet (a speedy and efficient layer on Ethereum) used for paying fees, voting, and participating in providing services.

How do I see if I’m eligible?

1. Begin by visiting this URL

2. Start the process by agreeing to the Terms (At this time, U.S. persons are not eligible to claim STRK tokens.)

3. Select Sign-in with StarkEx on the left

4. Sign in the platform with your Sorare account

5. Check eligibility 

5. If eligible, you will then discover your Token gift of 111.1 STRK (same total for all eligible Sorare Managers) 

Create a Starknet Wallet: It’s easy!

To claim your token, all you need is to create a Starknet wallet to claim your tokens. There are two wallets for the StarkNet infrastructure: Argent (see video tutorial) or Braavos Wallet (see text tutorial).

Please note, you can claim your tokens starting Tuesday, February 20th at 12PM UTC and until June 20th 2024. 

If you then use your tokens and wish to swap them and potentially send them to Sorare, you should always use the ERC-20 network, as this is the network that Sorare supports. 

Important: Beware of scams. Always double-check that you are on Starknet’s official website. For more information about the StarkNet Provisions we recommend going directly to the website of StarkNet: 

STRK tokens, Starknet network, Argent or Braavos wallets mentioned are provided by third parties and do not constitute or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Sorare. Sorare does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information or statements made by third parties.

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