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Please find answers to the most common questions regarding Sorare Football’s recent product updates. This is a living document that will be updated frequently.

Q: Why was the current Sorare Pro Gameplay not sustainable?

With long-term card utility and our current competition rules, Sorare Managers don’t have reasons to grow and build their collections with new season cards each year.

This makes it hard to grow revenue while maintaining current reward levels for our Managers.

Furthermore, card rewards sent out each game week must be absorbed by the Managers Market, making it increasingly difficult to maintain price predictability across a full season. When you pair this with unlimited utility across a player’s full career, the puzzle becomes even more challenging.

In order to maintain consistent card value trends across a full season, we are revisiting our competition and reward structure to address these key pillars of our platform.


Q: What is the exact definition of In-Season cards (also referred to as “new season cards”)

In-Season cards, also known as new season cards, are defined as those in which the season indicated on the card matches the current season of the club's league featured on the card. For instance, a card featuring Erling Haaland for the 23/24 season of Manchester City is categorized as an In-Season card throughout the duration of the Premier League's 23/24 season, until the start of the 24/25 season. The card season bonus will also follow this rule.

Q: What is the maximum number of off-season cards permitted during in-season competitions?

Managers are permitted to use at least one off-season card. This decision is guided by the objective of maintaining the utility of star players, as well as letting Managers play their favorite cards in any competition throughout the player’s career.

For Unique and Super Rare (U/SR) categories, players can use two cards from a previous season. This is because of the lower supply available for those scarcities.

For Rare and Limited (R/L) categories, players are allowed to use one card from a previous season.

Q: Can you mix scarcities in competitions? And how is this regulated?

We are removing the concept of scarcity bonuses at the card level, and will always allow cards from the scarcity of the competition and the scarcity from above. For example, in a Rare competition, you can play Rare, Super Rare, and Unique; in a Common competition, you can play any scarcity. There is no scarcity bonus, but there are card bonuses such as new season bonus, card XP, and collection bonus that give an advantage to a Pro card compared to a Common card. 

Q: Which competitions are set to be discontinued?

Several competitions will no longer be available:
March 29 competition updates:

  • Legend: This competition will be phased out on March 29; Special Weeklies can run to allow legends from time to time 
  • Rare Plus: This category of competitions will be discontinued on March 29. The card rewards offered in Rare Plus will be reallocated to other competitions.
  • Global Kickoff: This competition, known for rewarding higher scarcity cards, will be discontinued on March 29, and those cards will be rewarded in the top divisions of competitions. 
  • Amateur, Kick-off, and Specialist competitions: The welcome reception of Rivals means we have better formats to help onboard Managers to Sorare and will remove the Amateur competitions. More engaging formats of these competitions will exist in the league-specific competitions (Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga). Rewards for these competitions will be added to the league-specific prize pools. We will share an update on Common Cards ahead of March 29.

August competition updates 

  • Permanent Global All-Star: Discontinued in August. Instead of a permanent competition, this competition will transition to being featured in thematic Special Weekly competitions (such as during mid-GWs, international breaks, etc.)
  • Permanent Global Cap: Discontinued in August. Similar to the Global All-Star competition, this will also shift to thematic Special Weekly events, such as mid-GW cup competitions.

Q: What will happen with the U23? 

U23 will only be available through a classic competition. U23 is used to scout youngsters and discover new potential stars through its rewards. Moreover, those U23 players can also be used in the other 6 in-season competitions already. 

Q: What are the criteria for opening a football-specific competition?

To initiate a football-specific competition, at least 10 licensed teams must participate for the competition to be officially opened. This rule ensures sufficient engagement and competitiveness within the league for the competition.

For Champions, Challengers, and Contender competitions to open, the licensed teams need to be participating in a league fixture. We have an ambitious plan for mid-week Game Weeks and regional competitions (Champions league, Copa Libertadores etc.) to be featured in dedicated Special Weeklies.

U23 opens when any other core competition opens.

Q: What happens if a player transfers leagues with differing end months?

The initial league the player is designated with on the card determines the season status. For example, if a player moves from the Premier League to MLS in January, the player's Premier League card will be marked Classic Season once the next Premier League season begins.

Q: Does an In-Season player carry over their card level when they become off-season?


Q: How does the Common Card mode work?

Rivals introduces a streamlined and accessible entry point into the Sorare experience, allowing participants to select from a variety of common cards.There will also be opportunities to play the Pro mode with Common Cards. An update regarding Common Cards will be provided before March 29. 

Q: How are leagues categorized into different competition tiers?

The tier placement relies on the Opta ranking system, as detailed in the Opta Power Rankings. We take the top teams from each league to calculate the league coefficient, which is then used to assign teams to one of the three competition tiers.

Q: Can I win cash prizes in Classic Season Competitions?

Yes. The podium will be rewarded with cash prizes in classic season competitions.

Q: When does an in-season card turn into a classic season card?

An in-season card turns into a classic season card when the “card’s league” new season starts. Here, the card’s league refers to the initial league the player is designated with on the card.

Q: What will happen with River Plate & Palmeiras cards launched late in the season? 

River Plate & Palmeiras 2023 cards launched last season follow the rule stated above. The Argentinian cards are now considered Classic season cards as the 2024 season has already started. The same will happen to the Brazilian cards on April, 14th when the 2024 season starts.

Classic season cards retain the same utility during the transition phase with a number of competitions such as: Global All-Star, Capped modes, Challenger / Contender classic season, etc.
The In-Season Argentinian and Brazilian cards will soon be available.

Q: How does the in-season/classic season status work for the Mexican cards?

2023 Mexican cards will be considered in-season until July 1st, 2024 as that’s when the new Mexican season (Apertura phase) starts.


Q: How are promotions and relegations decided for teams?

Promotions and relegations depend on how teams perform, with the top X percent of each division getting promoted and the bottom Y percent getting relegated. As teams move up to higher divisions, it becomes tougher to get promoted and easier to be relegated.

Q: Will Divisions already be live during the transition period (starting March 29)?

Starting March 29, divisions will be implemented for all the new competitions that will go live at this time: Premier League, Champions, Challengers, and Contenders (in-season & classic season). Divisions won’t be implemented for our legacy competitions during the transition phase (Global U23, Global All-star, Global Capped modes).

Q: How will teams be placed in divisions at the start (March 29)? 

For the transition state, we will place teams based on the Manager’s gallery strength relative to the competition. We will communicate more details about this as we get close to the release date.

Q: Will I be relegated if I fail to submit a lineup?

During the transition phase, failing to submit a lineup for your team will not result in relegation. We are using this period as a trial to determine if and how the relegation rules might be adjusted in the future.
Q: When do promotions and relegations happen?
Every Game Week, Managers are up for promotion or relegation for each team they have created.

Q: Will there be more long-format competitions?

Divisions serve the role of playing over a longer period of time, with past performances being meaningful. We are also exploring how a long-format competition with cumulative scoring can co-exist with our current structure.
Q: How do “Teams” work with multi-entry?

As a club owner, you'll be able to create multiple teams. Each of your teams can get promoted, relegated, and win rewards independently from each other. You can move players across all of your teams at any point.

Q. Will in-season competitions have divisions like classic season competitions? Will the Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga have divisions?

Yes. All competitions will have divisions

Q. When will divisions be implemented for the Premier League competitions?

On March 29th.


Q: What will the prize pool of the Global competitions look like during the transition phase?Card Prize pools will remain the same as they were.

Q: What will the prize pool of Classic Champion look like across scarcity?



Super Rare:


Q: How will the prize pool of the new competitions look like?

We will communicate the exact prize pools of all competitions this month.
Q: How are coins rewarded? 

Instead of awarding coins for reaching point thresholds, they will now be included within reward boxes.

Q: What can be found in Pro reward boxes?

Cards, level up items and Coins will be initially found in boxes.We are still iterating on the contents of reward boxes and will experiment with more items in the future, such as primary credits or in-game items. Stay tuned for more details. 
Q: What will be the threshold targets during the transition phase from February to August?

Q: Who is eligible to play Cap 240 during the transition phase?

This new format is open exclusively to our existing community who have submitted at least one lineup into Cap 240 before the new threshold target  (which goes live on February 16th)
Q: Will we see another Beat The Game format in August 2024?
We recognize the popularity of a Beat The Game mode where Managers can find utility for more obscure players and be rewarded for hitting a reasonable score. 
We will make sure to offer its benefits in August with the following principles:

  • Divisions that reward many Managers: In many divisions, Managers can unlock reward boxes by reaching specific point/rank thresholds that are reasonable targets. These reward boxes will contain a variety of prizes, including the possibility of cards, credits, or in-game items designed to help improve a Manager’s gallery. This, in turn, helps Managers increase their chances of success in climbing the divisions and getting to the top. 
  • Challenge System: During certain weeks, Managers can win reward boxes and special edition prizes by completing specific challenges within a select time frame. For example, they can do so by accomplishing a series of decisive actions via their lineup, or by hitting a score target they have set. ​
  • Surprise & delight: Our Special Weekly competitions are focused on rewarding Managers: Sometimes we will reward collectors of contender leagues, other times we will run a competition for the top European match day. The goal is to reward our Managers with events for all collection types. Keep an eye out for upcoming MLS and Asia specials featuring cash prizes and more).

Q: Will there still be card rewards in the CAP 240 competition during the transition period?

Yes, the cards' prize pools remain the same.


Q: When do Game Weeks start?

There will be no changes to the commencement of Gameweeks; we will maintain the existing schedule (see here).

Q: What is the approach for Private Leagues?

We will discontinue the current version of Private Leagues as of March 29. It was too tightly linked to Pro competitions and was inflexible. We plan to revamp the concept and explore different paths such as creating custom leagues with tailored rules. 

Q: Will there be any changes to Collection Bonuses and Card XP Bonuses?

During the transition period, both Collection Bonuses and Card XP Bonuses will continue as currently implemented. We are always assessing the need for adjustments, and should changes become necessary, we will provide notice at least eight weeks prior to the implementation window for gameplay modifications.
Q: Will multi-entry go live during the transition period (starting March 29)? For which competitions?

Starting March 29, multi-entry will be implemented for all the new competitions that will go live at this time: Premier League, Champions, Challengers, and Contenders (in-season & classic season). Multi-entry won’t be implemented for our legacy competitions during the transition phase (Global U23, Global All-star, Global Capped modes).

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