What is my Reputation Score? What is my Rank?

In the Arena, your Reputation is a crucial aspect that reflects your standing among other managers. Every manager starts with a Reputation of 100 points and has the opportunity to climb the Reputation Ranks. These ranks include Unknown, Regional Prodigy, Rank 10, and the prestigious title of GOAT (Greatest of All Time).


When you win matches in the Arena, your Reputation increases, showcasing your skill and success. However, if you experience losses, your Reputation will decrease, indicating a setback in your performance. Your Reputation is visible to all managers in your Club section and on the Rivals leaderboards, making it a significant part of the game.


Rivals is not just a game; it's a statement. By dominating in the Arena and consistently performing well, you earn respect from other managers. Your Reputation serves as a testament to your abilities and achievements within the game.

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