How the Division works in Arena?

Every week, Managers who play Arena will be grouped into leaderboards of 20 within their Division. By engaging in thrilling Arena games against fellow Managers in your division, you will earn points for each game you win, and drop points if you lose.

At the end of the week (every Tuesday), the best Managers within each leaderboard will be promoted, while the bottom performers face relegation. If two or more Users have an equal number of Reputation Points at the end of a Rivals Game Week, the ranking will be adjusted based on the score differences observed in their Arena Games during the said Rivals Game Week.


Note that you can't have a negative score on the leaderboard, so if you lose your first match, your Reputation score will stay to 0. 


When you win matches in the Arena, you increase in the leaderboard, bringing you closer to the promotion, and showcasing your skill and success. However, if you experience losses, you will decrease in the leaderboard, indicating a setback in your performance, and bringing you closer to the relegation. 


Show off your skills and climb to the elite divisions to compete against the best of the best.

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