What is the Arena and how it works?

The Arena is an extremely competitive environment where you can compete for reputation, promotion, and Mystery Boxes!

When starting in the Arena, you begin in Division 10, and your goal is to reach to the top!

At the end of each week (every Tuesday), the managers are promoted, maintained, or relegated. 

Note that if you don't play any Rivals matches in one week, you'll be relegated from your division! (you can only be relegated one time for inactivity). 

Once the game begins, you will be paired with an opponent from the same division, though not necessarily from the same leaderboard. Winning in the Arena will increase your Reputation by 3 points, showcasing your skills and success while bringing you closer to promotion. Conversely, losing a match will decrease your Reputation by 2 points, edging you closer to relegation. Also, a draw will increase your Reputation by 1 point. 

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