What is the Arena and how do I unlock it?

The Arena is an extremely competitive environment where you can compete for reputation, streaks, and reward boxes

To unlock the Arena, you need to challenge and defeat a friend for the first time. Once unlocked, you can not only challenge your friends with your lineups but also use Arena tickets to enter the Arena.

Your Reputation is at stake in the Arena. Every manager starts with a Reputation of 100 points and progresses through Reputation Ranks, starting from Unknown, then advancing to Regional Prodigy, and ultimately aiming for Rank 10, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

Once the game begins, you will be matched with an opponent of a similar level, based on their Reputation and rank. Winning in the Arena will increase your Reputation, showcasing your skills and success. However, losing a match will result in a decrease in your Reputation.

Your Reputation is visible to all managers in your Club section and on the Rivals leaderboards, allowing others to see your progress and achievements in the game.

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