How can I challenge my friends on Sorare Rivals? How can I accept my friends’ challenges?

To send challenge invites to your friends, you need to set your lineup for the specific match you wish to invite them to or accept an invitation from them. Here's a step-by-step process:

Lineup Setup: Within your draft budget, you'll need to select five players for your lineup. Add them one by one in their relevant positions and choose your captain.

Tactics Selection: This is where the Managers stand out from the first-team coaches. You can choose different tactics, each tracking a specific collective stat for your entire lineup. If you meet the tactic threshold, your full lineup will receive a bonus player score.


Challenge Friends: Once you're satisfied with your lineup and tactics, it's time to challenge your friends and showcase your football knowledge. You can generate and share an invite link by clicking on "Share Invite Link". If your friends already have a Sorare account, you can search for them using the search bar or find them in the below designated section.

If someone challenges you, you will receive a notification. For fast overviews on challengers, make sure to activate your Sorare notifications in your settings, or, you can also go to the “Requests” tab when you enter the Rivals mode to see all your pending challenges.

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