Why are push notifications on Rivals important?

By enabling push notifications, you can stay updated and track your live scores in real-time, enhancing your Rivals experience. These notifications provide key information that is crucial for your gameplay. Here's what you can expect:


  • Official Lineups Confirmation: Approximately one hour before kick-off, you will receive a notification when the official lineups are confirmed. This allows you to quickly check your lineups and ensure that all your players are starting the game.

  • Challenges: Never miss a challenge from your friends! You will receive notifications when someone dares to challenge you. Accept their challenges and show them who's the best.

  • Livescore Tracking: Stay informed about your players' performance. Whenever one of your players accomplishes a Decisive Action that boosts or decreases their score, you will receive a notification.


...and much more! You will also receive notifications about important games, special events, rewards you have won.


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