How do Sorare Rivals card bonuses work?

Card bonuses are an important part of our global fantasy game and mastering their potential can be a valuable strategy to help you climb the rankings.

There are two types of bonuses available for Sorare Rivals Cards:

  1. Captain Bonus: When submitting your team, you will need to select a captain. The captain bonus grants a 20% boost to their performance.

  2. Scarcity Bonus: If you include Pro cards in your lineups, you can earn an additional bonus based on the scarcity of your card. Limited cards provide a 20% bonus, Rare cards offer a 25% bonus, Super Rare cards offer a 30% bonus and Unique cards give a 35% bonus.

Apart from these bonuses, you can also earn extra points by selecting tactics for your lineup. Each tactic tracks a different collective stat for your entire lineup. If you meet the tactic threshold, your full lineup will receive bonus points.

Mastering these card bonuses and selecting effective tactics can greatly enhance your gameplay and help you climb the rankings.

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