What are Pro Cards? What advantages do they bring in Sorare Rivals?

There are two overarching card types: Common Cards and Pro Cards (all non-Common Cards: Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique Cards):

⬛     Unique (1 per player per season - this is the only card of its kind in the world)
🟦     Super Rare (10 per player per season)
🟥     Rare (100 per player per season)
🟨     Limited (1000 per player per season)

Common (GRAY) cards have no Scarcity (unlimited supply).

Pro cards can be used in our other Sorare mode: Sorare Pro and for Sorare Rivals to help you climb the leaderboard. You can instantly buy Pro cards on the Sorare Marketplace and give yourself the following bonuses to your player scores: 20% for limited cards, 25% for Rare cards, 30% for Super Rare and Unique cards.

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