What rewards or prizes can I win in Sorare Rivals?

At Sorare, we respect fan passion. By proving yourself in the Arena, and completing challenges, you can win mystery boxes and unlock prizes like player-signed football jerseys, Sorare Pro digital player cards, and much more!

To win a Mystery Box you have to be promoted in your Division or have a 3 Arena wins streak. In Division 1, the top 5 are rewarded. 

There are different types of Mystery Boxes: 

- Lite Box

- Basic Box

- Standard Box

- Premium Box

- Elite Box


Your performances won’t go unnoticed. Each week, promoted Managers will receive a Reward Box. And your Division matters: the higher your Division, the better the quality of the Box and the higher your chances to win a card or a mystery jersey.


Please note that the Rewards Boxes for achieving a 3 consecutive wins streak are identical across all divisions.

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