Understanding the Manager ID

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What is the Manager ID?

The Manager ID in Sorare is a unique and customizable profile that showcases your achievements, statistics, and style in the world of fantasy sports. It's more than just a representation of your user account; it's a symbol of your journey, skills, and accomplishments in becoming a top-notch Manager. Every aspect of your Sorare experience, from acquiring player cards to lining up teams, shapes your Manager ID, reflecting your progress and prowess.

Customize your Manager ID by heading over to My Club

Where Can You Find Your Manager ID?

Your Manager ID is prominently displayed in several key areas within Sorare:

  • My Club
  • Lobby
  • Pro Leaderboards
  • Rivals Leaderboards
  • As a shareable asset across various social platforms

Manager ID currently is only visible in the Sorare browser experience and our revamped Android app. Also, it will only be available for Football to start. Rest assured, we’re actively working to deliver it for iOS as well as NBA & MLB.

Elements of the Manager ID

Your Manager ID comprises several customizable elements:

  1. Club Badge: The top-most element, showcasing your club's identity. Start with the Sorare logo and unlock or use Coins to purchase new badges as you progress.
  2. Stadium: The backdrop of your Manager ID, symbolizing your club's home ground. New stadiums are unlocked at specific levels.
  3. Achievement Badges: Display your achievements and participation in events, collections, and challenges. These badges highlight your special accomplishments in Sorare.
  4. Favorite Stats: Showcase key stats like the number of cards owned, cards won, and total collection score. Future updates will allow more stat options and customization.
  5. Frame: The frame of your Manager ID upgrades as you progress through different levels:
    1. Level 0-9
    2. Level 10-19
    3. Level 20-29
    4. Level 30-39
    5. Level 40+
  6. Manager Level: Indicates your current level in Sorare, matching the color of your outline.
  7. Club Name: Your chosen club name, displayed on all versions of your Manager ID.
  8. Followers & Following: Visible only on My Club and when sharing your Manager ID.
  9. Join Date: Shows how long you've been part of the Sorare community, visible on My Club and when sharing.

Customizing Your Manager ID

Customize your Manager ID by clicking on the element you wish to change, such as the Club Badge, Stadium, or Favorite Stats (coming soon). A pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose and equip new elements.

Existing Badges as of January 2, 2024

Existing badges in Sorare, such as shop badges, collection badges, and event badges, are integrated into the Manager ID system. They are categorized as either Club badges (e.g., shop badges, level up badges) or Achievement badges (e.g., collection badges, challenges badges).

Sharing Your Manager ID

Share your Manager ID from the My Club page. You can also save it as an image in various formats.

Your Manager ID is a dynamic, evolving representation of your journey in Sorare, showcasing your achievements, style, and status as a Manager. Customize it to reflect your personal journey and share your successes with the community!

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