What is the Manager Level? What are Challenges in Manager Level?

Manager Level is a way to stand out from other Managers. You’ll be able to participate in a series of challenges. 

What are Challenges?

Challenges are a set of thematic tasks that you can complete to earn badges and Manager Points (MP) to increase your Manager Level. Each Challenge has 10 tasks you can complete. Each task has a certain number of Manager Points (MP) assigned to denote the approximate difficulty level of each task. 

You can complete any task from any Challenge at any point in time. There is no specific order you need to complete them. Once you have completed a task, you will earn the MP associated with that task and a new badge!

Once you’ve completed all 10 tasks from a Challenge, you’ve completed the Challenge!


How do I claim my badge or Manager Points? 

Each time you complete a task, you will see a Claim button on the task to claim your badge and Manager Points (MP). Soon, you will be able to equip your Manager Profile with the latest badge you have earned from each Challenge.

For example, if you have claimed 4 tasks in the Beginner Challenge and 3 tasks in the Pro Limited challenge, you will be able to equip the 4th Beginner badge and/or the 3rd Pro Limited badge on your Manager Profile.


What is my Manager Level?

Your Manager Level is associated with the number of Manager Points you have claimed for completing Challenge tasks. Currently, there are a total of 50 Manager Levels. The more Challenges you complete, the higher your Manager Level. Note: Manager Levels are calculated by sport - so your Football Manager level will be different from your NBA and MLB levels.

You may see that you already have tasks you can claim. That is because your performance from your very first day at Sorare counts towards your Manager Level - if you have already met the requirements for a task in the past, you can already claim the task and begin leveling up immediately.


Manager Levels

You will gain a level every 4 Manager points!


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