What are the rules for the Collection Game on Sorare: MLB?

Managers can assemble club collections around specific seasons for Sorare: MLB, and earn a Collection Score for each club-based collection they build. Collection Scores are determined by a card’s serial number, design edition, acquisition method, and collection duration.  

Increasing Collection Scores provides Managers with a Collection Bonus for all player cards from that collection to boost their chances of winning rewards in Game Week competitions. 

Here are the rules:

1. Each licensed club will have one (1) collection per season and scarcity

2. The team collection eligibility for each card is defined by the team logo on a player’s card; for example, if a player card in your collection moves clubs, the player card (with the former club logo) will only apply to the previous collection, not in a collection featuring the new club.

3. Each card will have a collection score, based on the following criteria:

4. Each collection will have a total Collection Score based on players in that collection.

5. Cards listed or included in trade offers will not receive a Collection Score. Card Collection Scores resume when a player is unlisted or removed from a trade.

6. There is a maximum of one (1) player per collection. Player duplicates are not allowed in collections. If you have more than one (1) player card eligible for the same collection, the card with the highest Collection Score will count toward your total score. 

7. The Collection Score contributes to a Collection Bonus, which is an additional scoring bonus for a Manager’s lineup in a given Game Week 

8. The Collection Bonus will apply when a player card from the collection is in the lineup. Once you've submitted a lineup, the scoring bonus is locked in. Bonuses are applied based on the following Collection Scores: 

 We can’t wait to see the collections you build in Sorare: MLB! 

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