What are Coins? What can I buy with them in the Club Shop in Sorare MLB?

Coins are a digital in-game currency that Managers can win by completing gameplay challenges and performing well in the Sorare MLB fantasy game.

Managers can use their Coins in the Club Shop, in order to redeem a range of rewards.

Coins, which cannot be bought, sold, or redeemed for cash or ETH, are a fun and important part of the Sorare experience. Coins are earned in addition to competition rewards (such as Sorare cards, tickets, and VIP experiences). You can find the number of Coins won per competition on the competition prize pool page.

Coins will not be transferable across Sorare sports. In other words, you will NOT be able to redeem Coins accumulated in Sorare MLB on the Sorare Football or Sorare NBA Club Shops and vice versa. 

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