What currencies are available? Can I change the currency I choose for my Cash Wallet?

The Cash Wallet supports Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), and U.S. Dollars (USD). Once you select your currency, please note it cannot be changed. This affects fees you may be charged by your bank, how card prices are displayed, and the currency you receive for Manager Sales and rewards.


You will be able to buy, sell, and trade with other Sorare Managers regardless of their selected currency. 


If you live in a supported country that is not a EUR, GBP, or USD zone, you can still take advantage of the new payment experience using your local currency. Your bank may charge a fee for the conversion to the currency you select.


*Changing the “Marketplace Currency” in your Settings will only affect how you see card prices. It does not change the currency of your Cash Wallet or ETH Wallet.

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