Can I swap my Sorare NBA reward? What makes me eligible to swap?

If you believe that you won an incorrect card reward in Sorare NBA, you can submit a ticket to our Support team who will review your case. 

Before doing so, please read our recently implemented official rules for swapping card rewards: 

  • The reward was delivered in the last 4 days (no old rewards from past Game Weeks) AND; 
  • The player has a long-term injury (6 months +) communicated by the team before the reward was delivered*
  • The card is in the incorrect season (e.g. Knicks 2022-2023 cards when 2023-2024 has been released)
  • The player is retired and/or no longer plays professional basketball
  • The player is not in the Reward Pool
  • The reward has been sent down to the G-League or European League

If you believe your reward is eligible for a swap, submit a ticket and we will review your case.

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